Fruit has been a part of the Okanagan Valley for as long as anyone can remember.

The idea of the orchard was brought into the area in 1862 and since then Okanagan fruit has been constantly improving and growing throughout the region. The numerous climates within the region provide ideal growing conditions for our delicious and pristine fruits. Since 1936, we’ve helped to promote not just British Columbia’s amazing apples, but also pears, cherries, apricots, peaches, prune plums and nectarines. In addition to our amazing tree fruits, we also grow table grapes!

With three packing facilities and six receiving facilities, BC Tree Fruits has the expertise both in the orchards through the grower members and in the packing facilities through state-of-the-art packing lines and storage capabilities. The BC Tree Fruits leaf guarantees flavourful food grown close to home using natural and sustainable methods —this is about as local and fresh as it gets.

Our 270 plus local grower families work together in the BC Tree Fruits cooperative as part of a larger community. Each grower nurtures their orchards to create the best possible fruit, and is responsible for the care, picking of and transporting of nature’s candy to BC Tree Fruits. The industry professional side of BC Tree Fruits provides expertise in promoting, packaging and transporting the brand to customers. Each person within the cooperative is a part of the bigger picture and plays an important role in providing you with the fruits you love.

As an innovative company, BC Tree Fruits is constantly working to improve the quality of the fruit our growers produce. This includes assistance with sales, marketing, accounting, technology, shipping and regulation compliance. We ensure that growers have state of the art equipment, are replacing trees and varieties when needed, and are always taking steps forward to better serve our customers.

In addition to being behind the tree fruits you know and love, BC Tree Fruits owns and operates BC Tree Fruits Cider Company, Grower's Supply Company and a fresh produce market in Kelowna.