Perfectly Picked for the Sweetest Summer Snack

The Okanagan provides the perfect growing climate for dark, luscious, juicy cherries. 

Why BC Tree Fruits Cherries?

We Live Where We Grow

Our grower families depend on our natural resources and use growing methods that ensure the protection and longevity of these resources, which is why every BC Tree Fruits cherry is conventionally and sustainably grown. 

Supporting Local Families

A cooperative 400+ member strong, we are a community of passionate growers that live and grow in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. When you purchase cherries with the BC Tree Fruits leaf, you are supporting your neighbours, and your community, and the local economy. 

Food Safety

From the farm to the packing house we are constantly striving to meet and exceed industry food safety standards. All of our facilities and growers go through food safety certifications and audits to ensure we maintain the premium quality fruits you've come to expect.

Cherries Features:

TASTE: sweet yet tart

FLESH: firm, juicy

BEST FOR: travelling snacks and in baked goods.

Quick Tip for Cherries:

  • Store refrigerated and unwashed for several days.
  • Choose plump, bright-coloured fruits; avoid soft cherries.
  • To maintain optimum flavour and texture, keep cherries chilled (we chill them right after they’re picked and they stay that way until they reach your local store).
  • Take that chilling one step further and freeze some cherries to use instead of ice cubes in the beverage of your choice.
  • To remove cherry stains from your hands, simply rub with a wedge of fresh lemon.




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