With three packing facilities and six receiving facilities throughtout the Okanagan, BC Tree Fruits has the expertise both in the orchards through the grower members and in the packing facilities through state-of-the-art packing lines and storage capabilities. Since 1936, BC Tree Fruits has provided expertise in promoting, packaging and transporting quality fruit to customers.

For further information on growing with BC Tree Fruits please contact growwithus@bctree.com 


BC Tree Fruits Cooperative packs, promotes and distributes more than just British Columbia's amazing apple varieties!

  • Apples (both winter and summer varieties)
  • Cherries
  • Peaches/Nectarines
  • Plums/Prunes Pears (both winter and summer varieties)
  • Table Grapes
  • Apricots
  • Crabapples


Member Benefits


  • Grower Support Advisory services - Spray suggestions, harvest and maturity information is provided to all growers. This service is no charge to Growers with Full Service contracts
  • Charging Privileges - Available to Growers with Full Service contracts
  • Hauling - All pome fruit Growers can take advantage of group rates with our contracted haulers and Growers with Full Service contracts can use their BCTFC accounts for this service
  • Reports - All Growers receive a full accounting of the fruit received, the packout results and income reports by commodity and tax year
  • On Farm Food Safety - Our On Farm Food Safety team will work with you to achieve your CanadaGap certification 

Apple Quality Income Assurance Program:

Guaranteed minimum prices on select varieties, grades and sizes with 3 year contract.

Preferred Pricing and Annual Rebates:

For fertilizers and sprays purchased from Growers Supply Company.


If you meet the qualifications, you can apply to be a voting Member of BCTFC allowing you to shape the future of the Cooperative.


Export Programs

BC Tree Fruits Cooperative members have access to dedicated export programs for premium apples and cherries.

  • First-class, grower specific returns for qualifying fruit
  • Specialized field support and advisory services for export growers
  • Dedicated sales & marketing export programs


Available Contracts

Our Pome fruit contracts are full service evergreen contracts with the added advantage of allowing our Growers to select between two different cancellation notice periods.

  • Apple Contracts (1 year or 3 year)
  • Pear Contracts (1 year or 3 year)

We offer a choice of evergreen Stone Fruit Contracts:

  1. Full Service Contract, this contract offers the full services of BC Tree Fruits Cooperative in exchange for a grower commitment of 100% of their commercial varieties of Stone Fruits
  2. Shipping Contract, this contract allows the grower to determine (by estimate each year) the volume of stone fruits to be committed to BC Tree Fruits Cooperative We also offer a Marketing contract for Table Grapes 


Ready to Grow?

New Grower deadline is April 30th of each year.

For more information on growing with BC Tree Fruits please contact growwithus@bctree.com