Do you ever wonder where your food is coming from? Are you concerned that it's better travelled than you are?

You can put your mind at ease knowing that your favourite BC Tree Fruits fresh, local fruit has been grown right here in the Okanagan Valley. BC Tree Fruits has been bringing the communities of the Okanagan Valley together with our delicious, top of the line fruits since 1936.

We supply consumers with quality in every bite and the comfort of knowing that our fruit is home grown.

BC Tree Fruits

BC Tree Fruits Cooperative consists of passionate, local growers and professionals who work together to create an authentic and fresh distribution of fruits. The Cooperative as a whole is responsible for growing, picking, transporting, packing and delivering excellent fruit, so that you can sit back and enjoy juicy apples, mouthwatering cherries and more.

The local growers, who put everything they have into tending to their orchards, produce the fruit from their own orchards and farms and BC Tree Fruits promotes, packages and transports. 

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B.C. Orchard History

Fruit has always been a big part of the Okanagan Valley. Starting small, orcharding was introduced into the Okanagan by our settlers and slowly progressed over the years to become a commercial enterprise. BC Tree Fruits has expanded its enterprise to reach a greater population and has incorporated more local growers for the greater good of the local economy. 

Our Proud History 

With eight categories of fruits, not only is our produce exquisite but it's locally grown, fresh and top-notch. Look for our leaf in stores to ensure you're getting premium Okanagan grown fruits.

Each fruit is cared for and is provided by our local growers who put everything they have into their products. Only the very best tree fruits bear our green leaf. From the newest varieties of tree fruits to old favourites, a BC Tree Fruits sticker means flavourful food grown close to home, using natural and sustainable methods. This is about as fresh as it gets.

Our Fruits

BC Tree Fruits Today

With 400+ grower families in the cooperative and as an innovative company, BC Tree Fruits is constantly working to improve processes and the quality of our fruits. This includes assistance with sales, marketing, accounting, technology, shipping and regulation compliance. 

Today, BC Tree Fruits continues to take steps forward, including adding state-of-the-art packing and storage equipment, replanting orchards with newer varieties and introducing improved growing and packing processes.

Our Growers 

Local. Fresh. Quality.

You can guarantee that you are getting the best of the best with BC Tree Fruits. Quality is highly valued and only the best fruits are chosen to be distributed to consumers. When you see the BC Tree Fruits leaf, you can be sure that you are choosing non-GMO fruit of the highest quality. Our valued products bring a community together by locally employing people to supply those delicious fruits that we all love.  

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