Apple and Soft Cheese Platter

Tame those unruly wheels of cheese by pairing with fresh crop apples!


Apple and Soft Cheese Platter



  • 6 BCTF Apples, mixed variety
  • 2-3 Wheels of soft/semi-soft cheese, chilled
  • Apple juice to dip apple slices
  • Optional: Nuts, dried fruits, assorted crackers

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  • STEP 1

    Draw a long string of unflavoured dental floss halfway across the cold cheese wheel. Press in slightly, then turn the wheel over and draw the floss slowly through the cheese, keeping the floss in a straight line. Repeat, quartering the cheese on the second pass. Continue to hold the wheel together and flip as you cut smaller and smaller wedges.

    Keep the cheese refrigerated in its original package until ready to arrange.

  • STEP 2

    Wash and chill the apples the day before serving. Cut the blossom end off to provide a flat surface, then core each apple with a coring tool.* Remove one-third of each apple without damaging the centre hole. Slice horizontally through the larger pieces, lengthwise through the removed third. Dip the slices in the apple juice to preserve the colour. Soak the apples until all have been sliced, then drain in a colander before arranging.

    *if you do not have a corer, slice the apple as described without coring.  Remove each centre core after the slices are cut using a knife or a small cookie cutter.

  • STEP 3

    Alternate larger apple slices with cheese, keeping each apple in shape and standing the slices on the blunt, cut end (the slices from the removed third may be served alone, or with a dip of your choice).

    Suggested Pairings:

    • Golden Delicious or Honeycrisp with Camembert
    • Royal Gala with Tilsit
    • Granny Smith with Cambozola
    • Fuji or Ambrosia with Brie   

    Allow at least an hour for the cheese to come to room temperature, more if the room is chilly.