Half Your Plate

The Half Your Plate program was launched by the Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) with one objective - to show Canadians how easy it is to fill half their plate with fruits and veggies! Statistics Canada reported that in 2011 only 40.4% of Canadians aged 12 and older consumed fruit and vegetables five or more times a day. 

We are a proud partner of this great initiative and we, like the CPMA, encourage YOU to fill HALF YOUR PLATE with fresh, local fruits and veggies. 

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SIR Program

The Okanagan-Kootenay Sterile Insect Release (SIR) Program works directly with growers and residents of the region in a safe and innovative way to control the codling moth population, which results in the reduction of pesticide use in orchards. Since 1992, both the codling moth population and the amount of pesticides used per acre have decreased by around 90%.

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Summerland Varieties Corporation (SVC) tests and develops new fruit varieties that are marketed throughout Canada and the world, which as a result generates awareness and helps boost business for Canadian growers. SVC is considered a world leader in variety rights management. They help to protect local markets and ensure the best possible fruit quality for consumers. Apple varieties which the SVC manages the rights for include, but are not limited to, Ambrosia, SPA493 or Salish, 8S6923 or Aurora Golden Gala, SPA440 or Nicola and Sunrise. For cherries the SVC manages varieties such as Staccato, Lapins, Cristalina and Sweetheart.

Learn More at summerlandvarieties.com


The New Varieties Development Council (NVDC) was established to help assist the promotion of new apple varieties grown in the Okanagan region. The primary variety the NVDC manages is Ambrosia. BC Tree Fruits works closely with the Council on development and execution of marketing initiatives promoting the Ambrosia variety. The Council is funded by the Ambrosia growers through a levy collected per pound.