Our Story

British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley boasts rich, fertile soil, endless days of summer sun and 135 kilometers of pristine lake fed by pure mountain streams. It almost doesn’t seem fair that one place should have so much. But thank goodness. Because this magical combination of conditions is positively perfect for growing tree fruits. Not just any tree fruits. But some of the most delicious in the world. From the newest varieties to old favourites, a BC Tree Fruits sticker means flavourful food grown close to home using natural and sustainable methods. Honestly, this is about as fresh as it gets.

Why BC Tree Fruits and not BC Tree Fruit? Both are plural. And both are correct. But the word “fruits” implies more than one kind. And we like that. Because since 1936, we’ve helped to promote not just British Columbia’s amazing apples, but also pears, cherries, apricots, peaches, prune plums and nectarines. And even some stuff that doesn’t grow on trees, like grapes and blueberries. Hence, fruits.

We’re a part of the BC Tree Fruits Cooperative, owned by over 500 local grower families. They nurture the orchards to create the best produce possible. We provide expertise in promoting, packaging and transporting the BC Tree Fruits brand. This includes assistance with sales, marketing, accounting, technology, shipping and regulation compliance.